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and Branding

for B2B companies and Technological Startups

Deliver the best impression, bring more customers and more profit to your business

We focus on Communication Design to convey your message clearly and effectively and to establish a meaningful connection between your brand and your clients.

Our approach is open-minded and based on dialogue. We listen to your needs to gain a deep understanding to help achieve your goals.

present your product Effectively

Expand brand awareness among your target audience

Exceed your clients’ expectations

optimize your website performance and conversion rate

Define your brand concept to maximize value

Core Services


Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Brand Strategy

How to increase the value of your business? We cannot overstate the importance of brand concept, vision, awareness, tagline and tone of voice.

and Visual Identity

Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Logo and Visual Identity

Increases brand awareness by unifying your presence across your products, website, emails, letters, business cards and presentations.


Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Website Development

Retain more users with a stylish and well-designed website, let them explore what you have to offer and convert them into the paying clients.


Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Company Presentation

Stand out when answering your new clients' requests. Showcase your product and expertise with flashy and informative slides.

Scale Your Business. Reach the Best Clients

Whether you are a high-growth startup or an established business ready to expand, we are here to support you.

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our approach

and pragmatic
Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Our Approach — Prompt and Pragmatic
Deep and
Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Our Approach — Deep and Thoughtful
to your needs
Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Our Approach — Attentive to Your Needs
Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Our Approach — Proactive Support


Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Testimonial Author

Adeniyi Adebayo

CEO and co-founder,

They oversaw the process and paid attention to detail, from research to every word. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of the site, from design to functionality. The site is user-friendly, easy to navigate and visually stunning. It truly captures the essence of our brand and what we stand for. We appreciate the hard work, dedication and professionalism throughout the process. The team's ability to listen to our needs and consider them when creating the site is commendable. We are thrilled with the end result and can't help but thank our partners for their efforts. We look forward to continuing our collaboration in the future.

Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Testimonial Author

Anastasia Zharnikova

Business Manager, Exponential Insurance Solutions S.A.

It has been a pleasure working with Tatiana. She is a professional, whom we appreciated a lot for dedication to our project. She is very well organized and agile, always responsive to new requests and ideas. As an result of her work we have a great webpage, that help our business to grow and allow us to share information about our company the way we always wanted.

Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Testimonial Author


Chief Commercial Officer, Springs Project LLC

I'm excited to collaborate with such a talented, creative, exceptionally hardworking and honest person as Tatiana. I am proud of our partnership that brought the dynamic growth. Our website was updated, as well as the brand identity. We appreciate logical structure of the site, the universal application form, the presentation of Company's advantages. We successfully use those in our everyday work today. Striving to stay the leading company in the industry we provide user-friendly service for our clients to order production.

Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — Testimonial Author

Mark Lugar

Chief Commercial Officer, Drawing LLC

I'm in deep gratitude to the agency for the high quality services. A team of marketing and advertising experts helped us develop an effective strategy, updated the company's website. We annually increase turnover by 30 % and expand the customer base. The management builds processes as efficiently as possible, responds sensitively to customer requests and is able to gather the best people. The team implements the most creative projects, which subsequently provide companies with stable profit growth. We're grateful for their responsibility, professionalism and creative approach to work.

Our Streamlined
Project Process



Let's figure out what your brand essence is. We start with research and analysis followed by wireframing and concept creation.



What is a perfect design? It's not just a nice cover, it is a way to communicate with your clients, share your company's mission and vision. We create websites, presentations and visual identity that do just that.



We are with you for the entirety of the project leading up to a successful launch. We make sure everything is up and running and all your questions are answered.



Trust the professionals for all your post-launch needs. Whether you need a one-time consultation, small or large edits, or any additional services, we are happy to help.

Web Lagoon Communication Design Agency — How to start project

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